About Mikaela


My name is Mikaela Gossmann-Bond. I am the creator of The Pursuit of Betterment. As a psychotherapist, I conduct betterment therapy sessions with my clients in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon. Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. As an author, I write The Pursuit of Betterment's news articles. As a facilitator, I manage The Pursuit of Betterment's online community. 

I have training specifically in marriage and family therapy, Christian spiritual care, and the therapy techniques through which people are able to truly change the way they think, feel and live every day.

I completed my B.Sc. degree in Psychology with minors in Biology and English at the University of Waterloo. I completed an undergraduate thesis studying the motivations of love and hate in the human self under Dr. John Rempel. It was during this time in my life that I wrestled greatly with my faith. I had my born-again experience and came back to the Roman Catholic Church in September, 2016. My new identity in Christ fueled a desire to move into the helping professions as a Psychotherapist. I completed my MA in Theology with a specialization in Psychotherapy and Spiritual Care at Wilfred Laurier University. I worked as a therapist at Carizon Community and Family Services where I provided therapy for clients of all ages and all variety of presenting issues. I helped facilitate group therapy sessions on recovering from domestic violence, building personal boundaries and managing anxiety. I achieved my registration to become a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and began constructing The Pursuit of Betterment.

The Pursuit of Betterment is built upon my own commitment to self-improvement. I have made and continue to make a commitment to my personal pursuit of betterment in my relationship with God, my own self and my community. I have had my own journey with mental health, interpersonal issues and wrestling with faith, and have reached rich, stably blossoming betterment in all of these areas. Life is nothing if not a journey, and self-improvement is nothing if not a process. That personal commitment and my own lived experience matched up with my training to be a psychotherapist when I decided to make The Pursuit of Betterment an official venture. I truly believe that every human being has the capacity to better themselves and their relationships, and that their lives will bloom with satisfaction when they do. I believe in the institution of the healing and helping professions, and how investing your time and resources in a therapist or other helper is sometimes what's necessary to overcome a difficult point in your personal betterment journey. I believe that part of my identity as a child of God is to help others in the unique way He has asked and allowed me to. I feel blessed and grateful every day to be a professional who is able to be there for you and support you on your walk.

If you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to visit my Contact page and reach out. There are no bad questions! I look forwards to connecting with you.