Client Categories

I provide betterment therapy sessions to clients living in Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon. Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. I provide therapy for four different communities:

1. Relationship Sessions for Individuals

  • I am a big believer in the idea that individual therapy can improve the whole relationship. You don't need your partner in sessions to improve your love life with them. This option is for you if you want to work on your relationship, but your partner is not ready or willing to join in couple therapy, or where you would prefer to work on yourself alone as one half of the couple. While doing couple's therapy together is powerful, your relationship can improve with just you attending therapy alone. This can happen when you and I work on your emotional hurts, communication skills and what you contribute to your relationship's intimacy, passion, peace and longevity.

2. Relationship Sessions for Couples

  • I love to work with couples who are motivated to improve their relationship. It is amazing to watch as changes begin. This option is for you if you and your partner are both ready and willing to start relationship therapy. Couple therapy is dynamic because we can shift between sessions where you and your partner meet me together, and sessions where I meet with each of you individually in a balanced way to maximize the work. Together, we work on relationship goals, heal relationship hurts, reignite intimacy, deepen understanding and build the relationship skills to keep the benefits going for a lifetime.

3. Christian Sessions for Couples or Individuals

  • This option is for you if you care about Christianity, want Christ and Scripture to be a part of their therapy and/or are dealing with a problem specific to Christian living. You can have Christian sessions for either individual or couple therapy. I set this type of therapy aside because Christian therapy is highly unique from therapy that otherwise doesn't centre on religion or spirituality. With this option you can feel comfortable asking for sessions to start and end with prayer, to include references to Scripture and theology, to respect your beliefs and values and to focus on problems, temptations or goals that a non-Christian might not understand. My sessions are a safe place to explore the broken side of our human nature. I am personally a member of the Roman Catholic Church, and while many of my clients are fellow Catholics, I welcome Christians of all denominations, in any place of their own faith journey. I will respect your own theology, beliefs, questions and struggles.

    4. Personal Sessions for Individuals

    • This option if for you if your problems and goals are not related to your relationship. You might have seen your goal represented in the photo slides on the Home Page, or you might like the values of The Pursuit of Betterment and want my help with a problem or mental health diagnosis that you bring. Some areas I specialize in here are helping you with raising self-esteem, understanding yourself, overcoming anxiety, gaining motivation, synthesizing your life together, increasing underlying values and authenticity, learning self-control and managing strong emotions.

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